Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weeky Update Jun 13 - 19

Great week!  Excellent workouts.  I was able to continue the 'streak' and am now at 23 days straight running on ether the road or the treadmill.  I almost had to break it though.  You can read about that in an earlier post from last week.  It actually worked out great and I was able to get my first 'green' run in.  For those that don't know what that means, it means I saved on car 'gas' by using 'human' power to take care of business.  I'll let you read the other post to get the whole story.

The race on Saturday, Gary McAdam's Sandshaker, was a nice run.  Of course it was hot as hell by 7:30, but what do we expect, we live in Florida.  I made sure I drank plenty of fluids the day before and got some in me before the race.  I didn't have any problems with dehydration.  You can go back to my earlier 'race report' for a recap of the race.  One note regarding the race.  The results and awards were totally messed again this year.  Yesterday, I was told that a local race results timing company, Event Timing, will do the race next year.  YAY!

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Sarah said...

Awesome job this week, and great job on the race. Bummer about the results being off/wrong, though. Glad to hear they'll have the new timing company doing it next year. Oh, and the BMI calculator is REALLY COOL!

- Sarah W. from Dailymile