Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gary McAdam's Sandshaker 5K Run

Great shirt as always!
Great day for a race!  What better place then Pensacola Beach, Fl.  Race time was 7:30 and by the time it started it was already hot as hell!  Pretty good turnout.  Not sure exactly how many, but I'd have to say there were over 250 runners.  Met up with a couple friends from;  Tiffany H and Tory N.

I did a short mile plus warm-up and felt pretty good to start the race.  I usually run with my ipod, but decided this time the only thing I wanted to hear was the sound of nature (and my breathing and feet).  I think it was a great idea.  Didn't bother me at all this time.

I keep a pretty good pace for the first 2 miles.  First mile was at 8:05 and the second mile was at 8:34.  The reason for the slow down was that I came up on a friend of mine that looked like he was struggling just before the 2 mile point.  Pete is just a year older then I am and usually, he beats me by about a couple of minutes.  Today, he just didn't have it.  Right then and there I decided my 'time' wasn't important.  What was important was helping a friend finish.  For the last 1.1 miles, I stayed right with Pete.  Encouraging him to keep going.  When he would start to slow down to much, I'd say, "come on Pete, you can do it.".  When we made the turn at mile 3 and had just the last .1 to go, I started to sprint to the finish.   I was encouraging him all the way.  When we crossed the finish, Pete came up to me and gave me a big THANKS!  I felt great.  Maybe a bit disappointed as first with knowing I wasn't going to place. But honest, that didn't last long. It was just a great feeling helping a friend that was in need.

All in all, it was a good race.  I stuck around with Torn and watched her take 3rd pace in her AG!  Way to go Tory!  She is a new runner and has placed twice already.

The only negative about this race is the same thing that happened last year.  The results are slower as hell to get posted and then have the awards.  This was bad because they had a problem with getting the ages correct.  Not sure if I'll do this race next year.  They have a race in Florala, Al called the Alligator Trot.  Might just do that one next year.  It's always nice to venture out to a new place and a new race.

Tory N, me, and Tiff H.

Tory N., me, and Tiff H.

me after my warm-up.


Amber said...

Great recap Steve! Way to be there for your buddy - he's lucky to have a friend like you.

Megan said...

I like the shirt! It reminds me of those Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville shirts!