Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Supplements - via Allison from DailyMile

Here are a few summer supplements/foods/drinks share by Allison from DailyMile.

1. ConcenTrace Mineral Drops - Powerful stuff, use as directed, FULL spectrum of ALL electros, mix w/ water.

2. Organic Coconut water - Recommended brand is Vita Coco.  More potassium than 2 bananas and 5 more essential electros and high in Vitamin C.  Toss OUT those sugary sport drinks!! Best when cold and even better as a slushie.

3. Tomato juice - Organic USUALLY has half the sodium w/ many more beneficial vitamins. 860mg of potassium in just ONE 8oz glass.  Recommended brand is RW Knudsen.

4. POM juice - 430mg of potassium and little less than OJ, and it offers natural antioxidants which are known to help w/ recovery.  Excellent in smoothies.  Love the blueberry flavor too!!

5. Hammer Endurolyte Capsules -  Another FULL spectrum electro supply.

6.Spinach - Loaded with vitamins, but also contains calcium, mag, & potassium.

7. Pumpkin seeds - Just ONE oz gives you 156mg of magnesium.  The seeds contain a significant amount of omega-6 fatty acids. One ounce of pumpkin seeds alone has 5 g of omega-6 linoleic acid.  Excessive omega-6 coupled with low omega-3 fatty acids intake could set the stage for chronic systematic inflammation, so, although seeds are full of good nutrients, you definitely wouldn’t want to go overboard with them.

8. Brazil Nuts - ONE oz gives 107mg magnesium. Same rule as seeds though, not to be over useed

9. Brown Rice - 84mg in ONE cup. Also helpful with lowering serum cholesterol and of course a great source of carbohydrates. If you’re wondering whether normal unfortified white rice would give the same magnesium content as brown rice, note that stripping away the bran also removes a significant portion of the magnesium content from rice, leaving only 19 mg of the mineral.. This also strips other nutrients.

10. Wild Salmon - Mag, Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium and Iron. Also a very good source of easy digestible proteins (amino acids), fatty acids like Omega-3.  Fatty acids in the form of triglyceride, vitamins like vitamin-D, vitamin-A and some members of vitamin-B family as well.

11. Just Black Cherry juice - 550mg of potassium in 8oz. Rich source of antioxidant. Also helpful for people with gout as it reduces uric acid levels.  Recommended brand is Knudsen again.

Here are some links to some of the items mentioned above:

Thank you Allison for these great tips and ideas.

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