Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I pushed it a bit hard Sat so I decided to take a couple days off.  My right hamstring has been bothering me and also, Sat I felt some discomfort in my right hip/groin area.  Nothing serious, but some tightness.  I rested Sunday and Monday.  I didn't do the gym or run. 

This morning I decided to give the body a test.  I went out about 10AM for a short run.  Went easy and 'listened' to my body.  Didn't have any ham issues.  I could feel the hip/groin, but no real pain.  Just some tightness.  I took it easy and ran a nice 5.7 miles.  Time wasn't important, just how I felt.  Well, I felt pretty good.  I'm a bit stiff now, but I think I'll do the gym later today and that will help loosen it up some more.

I have a half scheduled for Jan 15 and want to be sure I am not injured before the race.  So, for the next few days, it will be slow and easy. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Race Day

Best T-Shirt Ever!
Awesome race at the Flora-Bama Lounge!  This is a 4-mile race out and back.  Today was the 23rd annual race. Weather started out terrible.  Windy, rainy, and COLD!  Thankfully, by 10AM, race time, the rain had stopped.  It was still windy and cold however. The weather kept a lot of people home as the total runners was about half of what they had last year.

I placed 1st in my AG last year so a repeat this year would be sweet.  I at least wanted to beat my time.  Well, I got my wish.  I ran a good race and ended up taking 1st in my AG once again. I bet my time by just under a minute.  This year's time was 30.22.  I was 14th overall.

I have to add that the race shirt this year has to be the sweetest shirt I have received to date for any race.  It is awesome.  My hat is off to the Flora-Bama for putting on this race.  I look forward to running it again next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Florida Weather

Got up to run this morning and it was 60°!  That is 30° warmer the yesterday morning.  It was a bit humid also, so the roads were a tad slippery.  Had a nice easy run.  I love running without my shirt and I was able to do that today.  Suppose to be nice again tomorrow and then we'll be back to some colder days! 

Volunteered to take over the "Grand Prix" duties from the Pensacola Runners Association yesterday.  The Grand Prix is a series of races put on by the PRA.  If you sign up for it, you have to compete in at least 6 of the races and 2 of them have to be over a 5K.  This year we are adding a drawing at the end for a weekend at the beach.  Hopefully, this will entice more people to sign up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok, I feel like such a slacker.  I haven't posted a blog entry in days.  I just get so dang busy.  Also, I work with computers all day and sometimes, I just don't feel like staying on one all night as well!  I have to make sure I comment on all my DM friends entries and that can take up to an hour sometimes.  LOL

Anyway, I had a bad week last week.  I did a long run the Sunday before and since I usually take Mon and Tue off, I though I'd have plenty of time to recoup.  Instead, I ended up feeling poorly for a couple more days.  The weather here has been brutal for this part of the country.  The temps got down to the teens in some places.  That and the fact that I didn't feel real good, keep me from running until last Fri. 

I had a 5K race on Sat and did pretty well.  I didn't post a new PR, but I did manage to take the Grand Master Award.  The course had some pretty decent hills and since I wasn't 100%, my time was a bit off my average 5K time.  Finished in 24.16.  That's about 30s off my usual time. 

This race was in a different town then where I live.  It was about an hour down the road.  It's kinda nice running some place different sometimes.  A chance to meet new runners.  There wasn't anyone from my area at this race.  Anyway, I did just that.  Got to meet some new people.  It was a YMCA race and they put on a nice event.  Great course and after party.  Always like fruit after my races and they did a good job having plenty on hand.  No complaints.  Oh and the awards were awesome.  The GM medal was sweet!  Probably the best one I have seen for a 5K event.

Last Sunday I got in about 7.5 miles.  Just didn't have the energy to push it any further.  I wanted to get more in since I am running a 1/2 marathon on Jan 15th.  Like I said earlier, I just didn't feel real great all that week.  The Sunday before I managed to get in 12+ miles.  I just have to make sure I have enough energy the day of my the race.  I'll push for 13+ this coming Sunday.

I'll try to make sure I do better keeping up with this blog.  Maybe not a post every day, but at least a few times a week. 

My next race is a 4-miler at the Florabama Lounge on the Florida/Alabama line.  It is an annual event and draws a good number of runners.  If you're there, look for me.

Remember my friends, "Real athletes run, others just play games!".

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sensational Saturday

Absolutely awesome morning.  I can say that now that it's finished.  Today was the PRA Cross Country 5K at UWF.  This is a true trail course complete with hills, sand, dirt, and roots!  Speaking of roots, I managed to find one of them at about the 1/4 mile point.  Fell smack on my face!  I thought, not again!  I fell at the 1 mile point at the Bay to Breakfast 8K last year.  Anyway, I got right up and keep running.  Didn't get too far behind anyone.

I have to tell you though, this was tough race for me.  I suffer from a couple medical conditions that make running a challenge for me.  I push through the initial pain when I run on the road, but these trail runs, well they're much harder on my body.  Today I must have told myself at least 12 times 'there is no shame in quitting', 'no one would give a rats if i quit'.  Those thoughts keep going on in my head over and over and over.  Finally, after about the 1st mile or so, I felt like I was getting stronger.  I managed to pass a couple people on the open areas and that encouraged me to press on.

It felt like forever before I finally got close to the finish line.  I could hear the music playing and them announcing the people crossing the line.  This was all I needed to push me harder.  I finished the race strong and managed to come in under 27 minutes.  That was my 'un-said' goal.

To my surprise, I ended up taking first in my age group.  Yippie!!  Time:  26:43!

Til the next time my friends, happy running!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Friday

This has been a long week at work.  So glad it's Friday!  Great run this morning.  35°!  Did a short route this morning since I have a trail race tomorrow.  Instead of doing a longer run, I went for a faster one instead.  I was about 40s off my 5K race speed.  Good run!  Felt strong at the end! 

I thought about many of my new DM (DailyMile.com) friends this morning.  Wondering how their runs were going if they were doing one.  Wondered who might be running in weather colder then me.  Was anyone running in the snow?  It was weird, I could almost 'feel' their presence around me.

I couldn't wait til later in the day when I could check my DM updates and see who actually ran! 

Trembling Thursday

Yes, trembling!  It was 31° outside when I got up to run at 5:30.  But since I whimped out Wednesday, I had to tough it out.  I put my white tank top on, my shorts, and my gloves.  Oh and since it is dark in the mornings, I put on my reflective arm band.  Then I did my stretching and hit the road.

It was pretty dang cold, but there wasn't any wind at all.  It's the wind that chills me to the bone. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wimpy Wednesday

Yep, I was a big time wimp this morning!  Alarm went off at 5.  Went to the door and checked the weather.  Cold!  Went back to bed!  Yep, that is exactly what happened.  I have to get out there tomorrow.  And of course it will be even colder tomorrow!  Oh well, that is what I get for not going out there today. 

I did get a good workout at the gym today though.  I did a 1 hr and 20 min circuit.  Spent extra time on cardio to make up for not running this morning. 

My legs were soar when I finished and are a bit sore now. 

Til the next time, cya!