Friday, June 17, 2011

The Streak

Ok, I have to tell you want I did Wednesday.  I have been loving my current 'streak' of workouts.  It has become an obsession with me to keep my 'streak' going.  As of Wednesday, I was working on a 17 day streak.  Of course, being obsessed, I was looking forward to my workout.  Unfortunately, something personal came up and I had to skip my workout.  Funny part is, I was actually at the gym about to dress out when I had to gather my stuff and leave.

Anyway, I got home and tried to handle the 'stuff', but that wasn't working out very well.  I knew then that I was gonna have to bust the streak.  I even went online and posted a note on Dailymile announcing an end to my latest streak.

Then it hit me!  Yep, hit me smack in the chops!  I had to take my son's truck to the shop.  Why not make the best of it and turn this into a workout moment.  Yes, a workout moment! I could drop the truck off and then run back home. The shop was only a couple miles from the house.

You should have seen my wife's eyes when I told her what I was gonna do.  She's like, "I'll drive over with you and bring you back.". I told her no, I wanted to run back.  I think she thought I was crazy.

So, I put my running clothes on and hopped in the truck and took it to the shop.  I dropped the key in the drop box and headed home.  I ended up getting a 2.53 mile run in after all.  Who says you can't compromise and get a workout of some kind in?   Not me!

So the streak is alive and well.  As of today, it is at 19 days and counting.  I have worked out 48 of the last 50 days!  I am so proud of that!

Anyway, I now have a new mantra, "Keep the Steak Alive"!  It's what motivates me! Like the shirt?

Oh, did I mention that this was the first time I have 'gone green'?

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