Monday, May 23, 2011

Week Summary

What a great week!  I finished up the week with 51 miles!  My most ever for a single week!  And that is after taking Sunday as a complete rest day.  I decided to do that after twisting my left ankle (yes the one I broke) slightly at the train run on Saturday.  It is nothing serious, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I took Sunday off.

Saturday marked the 24th straight day for running/working out!  Most ever!  24 straight days!  Just saying that seems weird.  That isn't something that would have ever come out of my mouth 2 years ago.  I was a fat, lazy man back then.  Anyway, I'll start the streak again today. 

I had great gym sessions this week also.  For the most part, I felt strong each time.  The race on Saturday was good too.  I took 2nd in AG.  I didn't expect to place since I am still working my way back to my pre-injury level.  But hey, I did and I'm slowing getting back to where I was. 

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