Saturday, May 14, 2011

Race Report

Tiffany H and myself

St John's Sunset 5K

Well, this was my second race back from my injury. I'm still not where I was before I got hurt. I'm not sure why it is taking so long to get my endurance back. I suppose it is normal, but since I am new to all this running, I haven't got anything to compare it to.

My plan was to go out strong and go for as far as I could at a relatively fast pace. I did just that. At about 1.55 miles I had to stop. From that point on, I did a kinda run fast, walk a minute, then run fast again. I probably repeated this process 4 times.

You might wonder why I was running this way. Well here it is. I have a very hard time running at a slower pace. For me, what works is to just go out hard and take a minute break and repeat. To be honest, I first 'saw' this in action at the Pensacola Beach Half Marathon. There was this guy that I keep catching up to. He would run for a distance and then walk for a bit. He repeated this I don't know how many times. It must have worked for him as he ended up beating me.

Now back to the race. I met up with Tiffany H. from She and her husband are both in the Navy and stationed at Corry Field. I ended up finishing in under 28 minutes. By far not my best time, LOL! All in all though, I'm fine with the results.

Here are the official results:

Place - 148/553
Div/Tot - 6/19
Finish - 27.38
Pace - 8.54

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