Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week of May 23 - 29

Nothing real special about the week.  Got in a good number of miles.  44 to be exact.  Worked out every day last week at the gym.  Saturday I woke up and decided to take the day off.  Was having a hard time getting motivated to get outside and run anyway.  It was only my second day off in over 2 weeks so I thought why not.  Of course, then I beat myself up the rest of the day and night for not running.  What the heck?  Can't even give myself a break!  LOL

I still feel like I am in recover mode from my injury.  The endurance is getting better.  When I went out for my run Sunday, all I wanted to do was get in about 4 miles without having to stop.  Thankfully, that is exactly what happened.  I had a good run.  Watched my pace from the very beginning and just took it down a bit when I started to feel tired.  I was able to do that for the whole run and it allowed me to finish the 4 miles without stopping.  I was very  happy.  Slowly, it is coming back. 

Well, that's all I have for last weeks running.

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