Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok, I don't know what is up with me, but I can't get my ass out of bed in the mornings to go run!  It started back when it was cold as hell.  I wasn't going to get up at 5 am and go outside to run in 20* weather.  Once it did start to warm up, I struggled to get up early and run.  Then I got injured and couldn't run.  Now I can't seem to force myself to get up and run! 

What do I need to do to get back on track? Well, I know the answer.  I just need to push myself to get it done.  I'm sure after a couple of times, I'll start to get it back. 

I am getting plenty of miles at the gym.  Between the treadmill, the recumbent, and the elliptical, I am getting anywhere between 6 and 9 miles every day.  But nothing beats the pavement!  I have to conquer this!

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Lisa J said...

Are you able to run during lunch? I take a longer lunch- 1 hour- so I can get in at least 3-4 miles. Since its shorter distances, I focus on speed. Great way to break up your work day :)