Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday

Well, another weekend is over.  Getting closer to the end of the school year.  Can't wait!  I love working over the summer.  The students and teachers are all gone and I get a ton of things done during that time.

As for last week and running, I had my best week ever. I was able to log 44 miles total between the treadmill, the recumbent, the elliptical, and outside running!  It was a great week!

I had a race scheduled for Saturday, but it was cancelled due to a lack of participation.  A shame considering it was for our local high school's band. It was gonna by my wife Kim's first race after trying to get back into running.  Secretly though she was glad!! 

I am still struggling to get back to my endurance and distance levels before the foot injury.  I tire at about 2 miles or so.  It seems my legs are not there yet.  I'm amazed that I lost so much over what I thought was a relatively short time.  I ran my last 'run' on March 6th.  That was the Seaside half.  I didn't run the following week at all.  I did got some easy miles in on March 12th when I was in Jacksonville for the Gate River Run, but that was when I knew my foot was shot.  From that point on, I didn't get any running in at all until about April 16th.  I know it will come, but it is very frustrating.

Well guys, we'll see ya the next time!  Happy running!


Karen77 said...

Congratulations on your best week ever.

Diana said...

Great blog yourself, Steve. So glad you've had a great week even though you're still trying to get your endurance/speed back up. I'm sure you'll get there. You are an inspiration! Happy running...