Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday!

What a week! One word - wow! Glad this one is over! Today was Friday the 13th. It didn't take long for things to go wrong. At about 10:30, my whole network at school shut down. Seems we had a loop. For those that don't know what a network loop is, it's when a data cable gets connected back to itself. It took over 2 hours to find it. I have well over a 1000 data drops in my school. You can imagine how hard it is to find a single loop. But, I narrowed my thinking down to student computers. I know, why do we always think it is the students. Well, just listen. We began to look at rooms where I have more then one student computer. Finally after searching about 12 rooms, we happened upon one of the art rooms. This one has 2 student computers. Sure enough, we found the loop. We didn't see any students on the computers, so we thought, oh well, won't find out who did that. The art teacher next door asked me what was up and I told her. That's when she said it! Yep, it wasn't a student being malicious, it was her. She was trying to find out why a network printer on one of our mobile laptop carts wasn't working and used that drop to test it. Apparently, there was a data cable there that wasn't connected to a device. She took the end not connected and plugged in back into the port. Only problem was the the other end was already connected to a port. Thus a loop! WOW! Was that a stressful couple hours or what? So glad we found it as soon we did!

Ok, that wasn't running related, but I'll tell ya, I sure the hell was running around! Tomorrow is the St John's Sunset 5K in Pensacola. It will only be my second race since being able to run again. Am I ready? No, not to do well enough to place or anything. I placed 2nd last year in my AG! They have the best awards. Who knows, maybe I'll push hard and pull something out. Could happen!

I have had another great workout week this week. Hit the gym every day so far. Considering my gym is about 25 minutes from here, I only go during the week after work. I have recorded 34 miles already this week. After the 5K tomorrow and a run on Sunday, I have a chance to have my best week yet for mileage.

I'll try to post a race recap tomorrow or Sunday.

Remember, "Real athletes run, others just play games"!

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