Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wimpy Wednesday

Yep, I was a big time wimp this morning!  Alarm went off at 5.  Went to the door and checked the weather.  Cold!  Went back to bed!  Yep, that is exactly what happened.  I have to get out there tomorrow.  And of course it will be even colder tomorrow!  Oh well, that is what I get for not going out there today. 

I did get a good workout at the gym today though.  I did a 1 hr and 20 min circuit.  Spent extra time on cardio to make up for not running this morning. 

My legs were soar when I finished and are a bit sore now. 

Til the next time, cya!

1 comment:

Suzanad said...

Good on you for doing a circuit! That kind of training is great :)

Hoping the weather isn't too bad tomorrow!