Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I pushed it a bit hard Sat so I decided to take a couple days off.  My right hamstring has been bothering me and also, Sat I felt some discomfort in my right hip/groin area.  Nothing serious, but some tightness.  I rested Sunday and Monday.  I didn't do the gym or run. 

This morning I decided to give the body a test.  I went out about 10AM for a short run.  Went easy and 'listened' to my body.  Didn't have any ham issues.  I could feel the hip/groin, but no real pain.  Just some tightness.  I took it easy and ran a nice 5.7 miles.  Time wasn't important, just how I felt.  Well, I felt pretty good.  I'm a bit stiff now, but I think I'll do the gym later today and that will help loosen it up some more.

I have a half scheduled for Jan 15 and want to be sure I am not injured before the race.  So, for the next few days, it will be slow and easy. 

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Anonymous said...

Take it easy, and good luck on your Half! You're running yours 15 days before I run mine. Merry Christmas!