Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Friday

This has been a long week at work.  So glad it's Friday!  Great run this morning.  35°!  Did a short route this morning since I have a trail race tomorrow.  Instead of doing a longer run, I went for a faster one instead.  I was about 40s off my 5K race speed.  Good run!  Felt strong at the end! 

I thought about many of my new DM ( friends this morning.  Wondering how their runs were going if they were doing one.  Wondered who might be running in weather colder then me.  Was anyone running in the snow?  It was weird, I could almost 'feel' their presence around me.

I couldn't wait til later in the day when I could check my DM updates and see who actually ran! 

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Suzanad said...

It's 32 here at the moment - no snow on the ground yet - but I didn't go for a run outside. I went for a swim instead!

Good luck on your trail race! :D