Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sensational Saturday

Absolutely awesome morning.  I can say that now that it's finished.  Today was the PRA Cross Country 5K at UWF.  This is a true trail course complete with hills, sand, dirt, and roots!  Speaking of roots, I managed to find one of them at about the 1/4 mile point.  Fell smack on my face!  I thought, not again!  I fell at the 1 mile point at the Bay to Breakfast 8K last year.  Anyway, I got right up and keep running.  Didn't get too far behind anyone.

I have to tell you though, this was tough race for me.  I suffer from a couple medical conditions that make running a challenge for me.  I push through the initial pain when I run on the road, but these trail runs, well they're much harder on my body.  Today I must have told myself at least 12 times 'there is no shame in quitting', 'no one would give a rats if i quit'.  Those thoughts keep going on in my head over and over and over.  Finally, after about the 1st mile or so, I felt like I was getting stronger.  I managed to pass a couple people on the open areas and that encouraged me to press on.

It felt like forever before I finally got close to the finish line.  I could hear the music playing and them announcing the people crossing the line.  This was all I needed to push me harder.  I finished the race strong and managed to come in under 27 minutes.  That was my 'un-said' goal.

To my surprise, I ended up taking first in my age group.  Yippie!!  Time:  26:43!

Til the next time my friends, happy running!

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