Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Florida Weather

Got up to run this morning and it was 60°!  That is 30° warmer the yesterday morning.  It was a bit humid also, so the roads were a tad slippery.  Had a nice easy run.  I love running without my shirt and I was able to do that today.  Suppose to be nice again tomorrow and then we'll be back to some colder days! 

Volunteered to take over the "Grand Prix" duties from the Pensacola Runners Association yesterday.  The Grand Prix is a series of races put on by the PRA.  If you sign up for it, you have to compete in at least 6 of the races and 2 of them have to be over a 5K.  This year we are adding a drawing at the end for a weekend at the beach.  Hopefully, this will entice more people to sign up.

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