Friday, November 26, 2010

Finished Friday

That is exactly how I fell, finished.  LOL Damn did I eat too much or what!

Got on the road for a run at about 10 this morning.  Weather was nasty.  It was 75° when I got up at 7:30.  By 10 it was already dropping due to a cold front moving in.  Wind was pretty gusty around 10 or 15 MPH I'm guessing.  Pushed me back a bit when I was heading N and W.  Of course, that means it pushed me along when I was going the other way.

About 2 miles into the run, the rain started.  Didn't feel to good with the wind.  Fortunately, it didn't last more then about 15 minutes.  That was fine with me.  It succeeded in freshening up the air.  I love it when it smells fresh.  The cooler temp felt great also.  I did just over 4 miles on this run.  Didn't want to do too much since I have a 10K tomorrow.  At least I think I registered for the 10K.  Heck, it might just be the 5K.  I can't remember now.  I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, I finished the run in about 37 minutes.  Nice easy run.  Oh, and when I got back, the temp had dropped down to 61°.


PS:  I skipped my gym workout today.  Since I am on fall break, I didn't feel like driving in to Pensacola just for the gym.  

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