Thursday, September 22, 2011

Semper Fi Charity Run 5K

Sorry it took me so long to get this race recap posted.  Work has been just plain nuts since the beginning of school.

Anyway, great race last Saturday.  This is always a popular race around here.  In fact, this year's race set a record for participants.  Almost 1000 runners and walkers.  You can tell fall is in the air.  The weather Saturday was pretty nice.  I mean, it wasn't perfect.  It wasn't 50° or anything, but it was in the low 60s.  Awesome considering how hot it has been this summer.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go.  If you remember, my last race was the Bushwacker and it about killed me!  I had one goal in mind.  I wanted to give it my best and push a consistent pace.  And to my credit, I did just that!  I pushed a consistent pace of around an 8 minute mile.  I finished the race in 25:02.  To my surprise, good enough for 2nd place in my AG!  It seems all the runners in my age group decided not to run this race.  In fact, my time is actually about 20 seconds slower then last year.  No complaints, I like getting a bit of bling!  I have to give props to the organizers this year.  The shirt was great as usual and this year, they gave out awesome medals.

Great shirt and awesome medal!
I have been getting a fair amount of miles in each week.  Between walking, cycling, and running, I have been averaging between 55 and 80 miles a week.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been wearing a pedometer at work and like I have known for years, I put on some serious miles at work during the day.

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Lisa J said...

congrats on placing in your age group- great medal too!