Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rest Days

I know we are suppose to take them, but why is it so damn hard to take a rest day?  I mean really, how much rest is there when you are constantly telling yourself you should go out for a run?  That is all I did all dang day Monday.

Monday's aren't usually my rest days, but after running 3 times in 2 days during Tropical Storm Lee and fighting the wind, the conditions on Monday told me it was a rest day.  But still!

I know I'm not alone in this.  Many of my Dailymile friends say the same thing.  This by the way, all while commenting to me that we all deserve a rest and to REST!  LMAO  I'll tell you this though, if my recumbent bike had been in the house and not out in the messy office, I'd have gotten some miles in on it for sure!  I think I need to get that thing back in the house.  Maybe that way I'll not be as stressed about taking a rest day.  Who knows!

As always, remember, "Real athletes run, all others just play games"!

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Graceful Lady said...

My favorite phrase is rest is not a four letter word. Enjoy your rest days and know that your muscles need to recover lest you end up with an injury!