Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Dash Recap

This was the first year for this race.  Proceeds from the race benefit the Andy Mac Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that serves local Ducheene Muscular Dystrophy affected families to help create times of happiness through integration, activities, opportunities and support.  It also supports those who reach out to touch the lives of those with disabilities by sponsoring scholarships through Milton High School.  The Andy Mac Foundation has awarded 9 scholarships since 2009. 

The organizers expected about 30 participants. They got more like 100!  Due to the expected small turn out, they only had awards for the top 3 male and female finishers.  According to the race director, they just didn't think enough people would show up.  There were pleasantly surprised.  I was told that they would definitely have age group awards next year.  

When I run in a smaller race like this, I have an easier time judging who my competition is.  That wasn't the case with this race.  Knowing that I wasn't competing against anyone made it harder to concentrate.  I am very competitive!  I have to be honest, I even had thoughts of skipping the race.  I know right?  What the hell was I thinking?  Anyway, the smarter me talked me out of that stupid idea.  

The race director must have told us at least 5 times that it was a good route and that we would enjoy it.  Well, I don't know about enjoying it.  We started on the school track and then headed out the gate to the street.  Within 3 minutes, we were faced with a pretty big uphill.  That lasted til about the first half mile.  We had a small downhill and then right back to another uphill.  That finished the first mile.  The next couple miles was winding in out and out of neighborhoods and then a run through the local cemetery.  The final 3/4 mile had it's own character.  There was a long steady uphill and then the route finished by going into the parking lot.  That meat going up a very steep hill and continuing to the track.  There you had a small downhill side walk and onto the track itself to the finish line.

The hills really slowed me down.  I had a hard time keeping my pace under 8 minutes per mile.  I have to admit though, I really enjoyed the finish on the track.  I never ran track in school and I took the opportunity to sprint my way to the finish line.  I stopped my Garmin at 24:07.  Not bad considering my lack of motivation at the start and the hills.

While I was feeling pretty good about my time, I again looked at my Garmin.  That's when I noticed the distance.  The route was .1 mile short.  Add that into the equation and the time wasn't very good at all.  In fact, it came out to over an 8 min/mile pace.  Definitely not my best time for a 5K.  Like I said though, the hills were pretty tough.  Something I'll have to work on next time.  Yes, they'll be a next time!  I'll definitely do the race again.  Of course, they'll have to fix the course and add age group placements.  

Oh and I was able to run with one of my teachers from school.  Katie Huggins, one of our art teachers, knew the one of the organizers.  Here is a picture of Katie and I just after she finished.

Katie and I
Well, that wraps up another race report.

As always, remember "Real athletes run, all others just play games!"

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