Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running with Pain

Do you run with pain?  Do you have a condition that causes you to run with constant pain?  If so, read on.  Maybe you have a friend that does.  Again read on.

About 25 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called "Palinddromic Rheumatism".  A couple years after that, I was diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia".  I remember thinking why me?  Why do I have to suffer from a double whammy?  Not fair, not fair at all.

I remember early on suffering from depilating episodes from my PR.  The episodes would come on and last for 48 hours.  And it could be any one joint or a combination of joints.  I remember once getting attacks in both feet.  Wow, that was a bad couple days.  When I was finally diagnosed, I remember thinking I could kiss the doctor.  Finally, I had a name for the problem and a course of action.  I was put on a medication and within weeks, I was experiencing relief.  Since then, I have short lasting episodes and only get major, long lasting attacks once in a blue moon.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia didn't result in the same outcome.  There is no magic pill for this condition.  There is nothing they can give you to stop the pain.  Yes, they have meds.  Yes, the meds do help some.  And yes, without the meds, I wouldn't be able to function.  For that, I am grateful.  But they don't eliminate the pain or the discomfort.  I've lived with fibro for years.  Some days are worse then others, but every day has pain associated with it.  My hands and feet are the worst.  Of course, that would make sense as you use them the most.

Why am I posting this you might say?  Am I looking for your amazement?  Am I looking for your sympathy?  No!!  Not at all.  What I'm hopefully doing is showing you that even when you think you can't, you can.  I would never, not in a million years, thought I could have become a runner.  Not ever!  When I first started to run, my body was killing me.  My knees were in terrible pain.  But I did the only thing I knew to do.  I prayed!  I told the Lord Jesus that this was something I really, really wanted to do and if He could find a way to help me continue, I would forever be in His debt.  Within a week, the pain subsided.  Within in a month, I was running without the sever knee pain and the body wasn't hurting as bad.  Now I'm not saying every day is an easy day.  No way!  Some days I hurt all over.  Some days, I simply don't want to put my body through the pain.  But I do!  And I almost always feel better when I'm done.

So listen,  it doesn't matter what is wrong with you.  If you want to run, you can.  If it's not running, but something else you want to do, then just DO IT!  Find a way and commit to doing it.  There is nothing you can't do!

Feel free to ask me about the two conditions I mentioned above.  If you, or someone you know, suffers from either of these conditions, I might be able to provide some insite.

Happy running my friends!


Anonymous said...

As you know Steve, the older we get, the more pain we have. I just look at someone in more pain than me and that helps me keep moving forward.

- Bill H

Michelle Dragoo said...

So proud of you for not quitting! This is inspirational!

Ali Mc said...

GREAT POST and outlook Steve! I love it and thanks so much for supporting my mom :) xoxoxox

I can't believe how much positivity and love you spread I would never think you were complaining. It's tough living with pain. You are an inspiration :)