Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blueberry Bash, ARC Santa Rosa

First off, many of you know that I passed out Monday and landed hard on my butt. Pretty sure I broke or badly bruised my tailbone. Not really anything the doc can do, so I"m just suffering through it. I'm in marathon training, so there isn't any 'not running'. I have run every day since it happened. I've just keep the pace slow and east.
I got up early this morning and headed over to the race. I like to get a mile warm up before my races as it loosens up the leg. Well this morning that wasn't going to happen. I thought the race started at 8. When I pulled up, I saw all the runners at the start. You guessed it. The race started at 7.
I had to rush to the table to get my bid number. Then back to the car to get my shoes on. Headed to the start and forgot my bid in the car. Off the runners went with me going back to the car to get my bid. By the time I got to the start, I was the last runner, #61.
I put my ass in gear and proceeded to work my way past runner after runner. I was haulin ass. Of course this also meant more pounding on my ass. About 2 1/2 miles in, I was wearing out. My pace slowed some, but I pressed on. Passed a few more runners and eventually made it up to 14th place overall. I took 3rd in my division. They had a crazy division sytem and mine was 50-64. WTH? Anyway, my run time was 24:30. However, my actual race time due to my late start was 26:20.
After the race, my ass hurt like hell. Like I said, all week I had been going slow and easy. Today I hauled ass. Literally! lol I had to explain at least 20 times what was wrong. Geez people, pay attention.
Stuck around for the award ceremony. About 10% of the winners were from my Monday night running club. We kicked ass today. Eventually the butt calmed enough to be able to sit in the car and head home. Now I'm just trying to find a comfortable position.
That is all!

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