Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make it to the Line Recap

Best Race Shirt Ever!

I look forward to this race every year. You never quite know what the weather will end up bring on race day.  I had been watching the weatherman the last few days and it looked like it had a chance of being a nice day.  There was a 20% chance of rain though.

This race has a start time of 10AM.  Something I appreciate since I live about an hour away from the race.  Got up early and headed out to be there around 8:30.  As you know if you read my race reports, you know I like being to my races early.  Anyway, it was a bit overcast when I headed out.  In fact, I think I noticed a little bit of sprinkling, but as anyone who lives in Florida near the beaches knows, the weather in one place has little effect on the weather in another.  It was a bit chilly, but the weather ended up being perfect for morning run.  The sun even came up right at start time.

Me, Kelly, Griffin, Patrick, and Teresa
We had a Dailymile meet-up at the race too.  I got to meet Kelly M. and Griffin P. for the first time.  Both great people.  I just love my DM friends.  Also made 3 new running friends.  Patrick Willi and his wife Teresa Hess and Anna Hallex.  Patrick and Teresa are both PRA members and in our Grand Prix (which I run).  Anna, I come to find out is one of the areas best runners.  I though I had heard that name before.  I hope to have all 3 of them on DM pretty soon.

2nd AG
Anyway, on with the race.  I knew as soon as I got up, that my hamstring was, or could be, a problem. That really bummed me out since I usually do well at this race.  1st in AG the past 2 years.  I didn't feel real confident that I was going to be able to "run".  I even told Kelly that I would hang back with her and run at her pace.  The race got off without any problems.  I was hanging back with Kelly.  Now I had skipped my usual warm-up run because of the sore hammy, so essentially, this was the first test of the leg. To my surprise, it wasn't bothering me much at all.  I stayed back at a slow pace for about 3 or 4 minutes, but then found myself slowing picking up the pace and passing people.  I say Patrick and Teresa up ahead and set my sights on them.  By the time I reached them, I was feeling fine.  I pushed on past them and settled into a pace around 7:50.  I continued to pass runner after runner until around the 2 1/2 mile point were I came up on a young lady I had been trying to catch.  She was beginning to struggle a bit so I told her to press on.  She stayed with me until about 3 1/4 miles and then dropped back.  There was one more person in front that I wanted to catch, but by then my legs were tired and I was starting to 'feel' the hamstring.  It wasn't bad, but it prevented me from pushing hard to the finish.  I ended up about 40 seconds behind the guy with a finishing time of 31:35.  About a minute slower then last year.  Considering I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to run, I was elated.  The time resulted in 3rd in my age group, but 2nd for awards since the first guy won the Grand Master award.  Not too bad!

The DM crew and our new friends Patrick and Teresa hung out for the awards and we were fortunate that 3 of us were able to place.  I have to say, this ended up being one of my best race experiences ever.  Funny how the company can change how you feel! Thanks guys!!!
Kelly and I

Well my friends, as always, remember, "Real athletes run!  All others just play games!"

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