Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sorry I have posted anything lately.  Nothing really to post.  Been getting my runs in.  Mostly via the TM at the gym.  I have been averaging about 4 to 5 miles a day and then 4 to 7 miles on the recumbent.  My basic goal has     been to get at least 50 combined miles a week.  So far I've done pretty good.  If I don't make it, it's not by much.

The Bushwacker 5K is this Saturday.  I'll have a full race report after the race.  Hopefully by Monday.  Here is a link to the registration page:

Someone on FB just created a new group for runners.  It's called Facebook Runners.  The url is:

In just 2 days, we have almost 300 members.  I'm sure it will be well over that by the end of the day.  Many of my Dailymile friends have made their way to the new group as well.  Can't wait to hear all about other runners successes and events.

Well, that's about it for now.  Talk to ya later.  Happy running guys!

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stacey said...

50 miles a week is nothing short of fantastic! you inspire me Steve to keep at it. thank you for that.

and i love the runners group on f.b. they are way crazy enthusiastic! how fun is it that there are so many wonderful runners out there.